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Service excellence and quality products go hand in hand.

I’m Elizma, the middle child of three. I was raised by model parents who were fortunate enough to give me endless opportunities. Being the middle child, I tend to fight for attention or felt left out. This is where events fit in so perfectly with my personality. I love to create the big and bold moments but ensure that no details get left unattended. Everyone matters and no one is more or less important than another.

Being in the industry for a near eight years, I come to realize that excellent quality service always comes at a high cost. I, for one, am a proud believer that excellent service does not have a price tag and that all clients should be treated like royalty.

With all this, Infinite Concepts were born, and the slogan of Endless Possibilities is what I strive to deliver to all my clients.


Infinite with ideas and providing our clients with endless possibilities is what we are all about. Our name embodies the very essence of what we strive to succeed with all our weddings and events. We are transparent with all our clients to ensure nothing gets left in the grey.

We love pushing boundaries when being creative, and our style is modern, elegant, and contemporary with a unique touch of our clients needs. Getting to know our clients and what tickles their fancy is how we ensure their dream wedding or event is made into reality.

We are vibrant and energetic and enjoy creating and managing weddings and events that suit each clients needs. We are incredibly passionate about providing quality service, production excellence, and a lifelong memory of satisfaction. Our team will ensure that you are looked after in every possible way.

We don’t focus on our company’s bottom line but pride ourselves that we try and work with all our clients needs, desires, budgets, and limitations to the best of our capabilities.

Infinite Concepts is the perfect choice for any occasion. No matter how intimate or extravagant the affair, your dreams can come to life with our dynamic team.


To set a new standard for weddings, events, and how the industry operates. Bringing back the exclusivity, prestige, and luxurious bragging rights of when clients or corporate entities host an event. These weddings or events should not only reflect the personalities of the client and or entities in question but be the envy of the community as these should be on the lips of those attending and consume the minds of those trying to get an invite to the next “it” wedding or event.

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